Saturday, 7 May 2011

Review of 'BiteMarks'

Okay, so I've not only neglected my blog recently but I've also neglected to do a review, on the very talented Drew Cross' debut novel 'BiteMarks', which I mentioned on here about three weeks ago. And I have to say not once has Drew nagged me or asked me to hurry the hell up – which I would have done!

So here I am, with a very sorry it's late, Drew and hope this review cuts it...

Have you ever read a book and wish you'd wrote it yourself because it's that awesome? Well that’s exactly how I felt from the minute I started reading BiteMarks.

I thought I had an idea of what it was about, but I got far more than I bargained for - it totally blew me away!

Shane Marks, a guy so complex, so troubled, and in some ways so incredibly frightening - and he's the `good' guy! I was instantly hooked by Shane and pulled in for the ride, and that is purely down to the almost poetic and descriptive talent of the author. I've never been to Nottingham in my life and now feel like I know the place really well, as if I've walked the streets myself.

I adored the friendship between Shane and Marcus and the light hearted banter they share. Their friendship came across as real. And I have to say, as a dog lover I instantly took to Ghost, he sound so lovely and cuddly! Which is probably a strange thing to say considering the nature of this unique crime novel!

I may have neglected to do the review but I have been reading this book over the period of the last few weeks and that wasn't because it was easy to put down, because believe me it wasn't - it was because I really didn't want it to end so I etched it out for as long as possible!

I like a lot of books, I don't love many - I LOVE BiteMarks.

BiteMarks is available to buy on Amazon and Smashwords.

* A note to Drew - I'm feeling all inadequate as a writer now compared to you! I hope you’re very happy with yourself! :p *

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