Friday, 27 May 2011

Happy - me? Just a bit! :D

I know I promised to update here regularly but I've had a busy two weeks! I've been off promoting The Bringer, writing A Single Bite and keeping up with the demands of daily life i.e. day job, my kids and husband!

Anyhoo, it's been a good week for The Bringer, it made it in Amazon top 100 rankings -

#79 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Genre Fiction > Romance > Fantasy, Futuristic & Ghost

#86 in Books > Romance > Fantasy & Futuristic

And I had another two 5 star reviews, now up to fourteen, so I'm currently bouncing around a lot, smiling and generally annoying the hell out of people!

I do want to say a big thanks to those of you who have bought my book and I hope you’re enjoying reading it, as much as enjoyed writing it.

I'm off work next week (yippee!) so hopefully I should have a bit more time on my hands to keep you updated as to what's happening with my books.

Right I’m off to do some more promo...

Have a good weekend and whatever you’re doing, have fun and stay safe! :)


  1. That's good news though.

  2. Hi Sudama, it is...was! I've dropped out of the rankings now but it was nice whilst it lasted :)