Thursday, 31 January 2013

My 2013/14 Book Releases

Over the last couple of days, many of you have been messaging me asking when my other books aside from Wethering The Storm will be released, so this is the order of releases as they currently stand, and of course they are subject to change


Blood Lies ­– I know you AJ fans have been waiting an age for this book, so it’s taking some precedence (aside from the Wethering The Storm edits of course!). I’m aiming for a late Spring/early Summer release.

Then it will be Trouble which I’m hoping will reach you all around the same time as Blood Lies if not just a little after. I don’t want to wait too long to get Mia and Jordan to you!

As you now know Wethering The Storm will be released on the 20th August 2013.

After that I’ll be working on the third Storm book, which is currently untitled. This will be Tom and Lyla’s story, and will be released in 2014.

Lastly…. after Tom’s book is finished, I will be starting a new adult series in early 2014, which I’m VERY excited about! ;)

I promised good news today, so here it is….

There’s going to be a THIRD Storm book!!! I know when I’ve been asked in the past if there’d be a third book, my response was always, ‘Tru and Jake will only have two books.’ That was always and still is true, because book 3 in the Storm series will be …. *drum roll* …… TOM'S book!! Yes, my pussy cat Tom is getting his very own book! And knowing Tom, it’s going to be a crazy, wild ride!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013


I know that some of you have been receiving Amazon notifications advising that the pre-order release date for WETHERING THE STORM has changed to August … okay, *deep breath* … well, I’ve just had an email from my publisher confirming that the date is correct and WETHERING’s release date is now the 20th August.

I’m sorry guys. I know this frustrating, I want you all to read WETHERING too. And please know that I truly appreciate your support and patience in this. It means the absolute world to me ♥ ♥

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Teaser for TROUBLE....

I thought it was time you guys meet Jordan and Mia, so here’s a little snippet from my upcoming book ‘Trouble’. I hope you all enjoy.…


“Nice car,” I say, reaching for the handle.

“I won it.”

Pausing, I stare across the car at him. “Won it as in–”

“Cards, princess. I won it in a hand of poker.”

“Some hand.”

Glancing down at his right hand, Jordan flexes his fingers out. “Oh, you have no idea.”

The look on his face alone has my body swimming with crazy levels of desire. I press my thighs together.

Clearing my throat, I ask, “If this was in the winning’s pot, what did you put in to match it?”

Lifting his gaze to mine, wearing a grin like the devils, he replies, “Me.”

Then without opening the door, Jordan hops into his car. Leaving me standing here, mouth open, feeling pretty sure that he’s not actually kidding.


*As always, it’s unedited, subject to change, etc.*
♥ ♥

Friday, 18 January 2013

WTS teaser treat...

Okay, so here's the little treat I promised earlier coming courtesy of the gorgeous girls over at TotallyBooked! Enjoy....

"Today Samantha Towle typed "THE END" on Wethering the Storm (The Mighty Storm #2).

To celebrate, Sam has allowed to share a small TEASER with you from the book.

There's also a song which Jenny shared with Sam while Beta reading for her that became Sam's inspiration while writing WTS and we bring you that song today along with the teaser, we hope you love it as much as us!

This book will definitely be worth the wait!

Jenny & Gitte ♥ "

An update...

Okay, so this is a little update on how things stand at the moment …. As you all now know WTS is finished, it’s going to my editor in a few days, and from there on it’s in the hands of my publisher. I know the release date has been flip flopping all over the place, so for now until I have the definite date chiselled in stone, I’m not uttering a word. But I promise once it’s concrete and final, I’ll tell you all … and I just want to take this moment to thank you all for your patience in this. I know how frustrating it is when release dates are constantly been changed :)
AJ fans … I’ll be writing Blood Lies very soon. I’m aiming for a late Spring release …  but I’m not making any promises on a date because they always come back to bite me in the arse. And the other reason for non-committal on a date is because I’ll be also writing another brand spanking new book at the same time! As a writer, when these flashes of inspiration come to you, you have to grab hold of them and run with the story.
All I’ll say about this new one is …. it’s New Adult, and I’m FREAKING EXCITED about it … oh, and the title …. well, it’s called ‘TROUBLE’ ;)
Thanks for all your support guys, and I’ll be back a little later with that something I promised you ♥


Friday, 4 January 2013


There seems to be a little confusion over ‘Wethering The Storm’ and I have been getting a lot of questions regarding it so I’ll answer them here …. ‘Wethering The Storm’ is the SEQUEL to ‘The Mighty Storm’. It is NOT ‘The Mighty Storm’ told from Jake’s POV. WTS is the continuation of Tru and Jake’s story, told predominantly from Tru’s POV, with some chapters told from Jake’...s POV.

Also regarding the release date of WTS … the date for release is definitely set at the 18th June 2013. For reasons I won’t bore you with, there is no way for the date to be brought forward. I know this sucks and seems really far off, and I appreciate that you’re all keen to read it … I want you all to read it, so all I can say is please bear with me it will be worth the wait! ♥ ♥ ♥

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Wethering The Storm Teaser - Jake POV

Hello ladies! Jake here, the boss has let me take over her website for a little while to post up that teaser I promised y’all for getting my Facebook page up to 1,500 likes! Well fuckin done you gorgeous bunch!

As this is my teaser, you know what to expect, but I’m going to be sensible for a sec and say avert your eyes unless you’re over 18. Oh, and the boss said to remind you of the usual, it’s unedited, possibly may change – you know the drill.

And make sure to check out the little photographic treat from me at the bottom. I think I look pretty fuckin good in fur ;)


I let myself in, trying to be quiet so not to wake Tru. The house is in complete darkness.

Staggering around, I make for our bedroom, pulling my T-shirt off as I do, being careful of my new tattoo. Tossing the shirt aside, I stumble into our bedroom, trying hard not to make a sound, when I see my girl asleep in bed and she stops me in my tracks.

She’s wearing a satin nightgown, the pale pink one that I like with the lace on the hem. She’s got the sheets kicked back, and the nightgown has ridden up her thighs.

She’s so fucking beautiful. And she just looks so very fucking sexy.

Her hair is all mussed up, spread across the pillow and there is inch upon inch of her soft olive skin on show just waiting for me.

My dick instantly hardens.

I need to taste her. Be inside her.

I hate to wake her, but not enough that I’m not going to. I’ve got a raging hard on the size of Texas here and it’s going nowhere until my girl has seen to it.

And she loves midnight sex, and she has been really horny lately. Even more so than normal. Not that I’m complaining. When Tru is eager for the snake, you’ll hear no complaints from me.

Shucking out of my jeans and boxers, I kick them aside and climb up on the bottom of the bed.

Starting at her ankle, I run my hand up her smooth skin, and I keep going until I reach her thigh.

Stirring, she groans, and rolls over onto her back. “Hey, baby,” she says, sounding all sleepy.

My dick gets even harder at the sound of her voice.

She fucking owns me, completely.

“Hey,” I reply, kissing her shoulder, grazing my teeth over her skin, my hand still moving higher.

“You have a good night?” she murmurs, but I can hear the sex in her voice. She’s so fucking responsive, and always so ready for me.

“Hmm,” I reply. My fingers find her pussy, wet and waiting. No panties. God, she is so fucking hot.

“And it just got a whole lot better,” I whisper in her ear.