Friday, 9 March 2012

Original Sin

Here's a little taster of my upcoming novel 'Original Sin' the next in the Alexandra Jones series, which will be released later this year. I hope you enjoy it ...

Nathan catches hold of my arm from behind as I’m racing past the barn, yanking me to an abrupt stop.

 Tears are streaming down my face. I don’t hide the fact. I want him to see how much that hurt. “Let me go!” I cry angrily.

 But he doesn’t let go. And the next thing I know his mouth is on mine, fast and hard, kissing me with an almost dependency. 

 I fight him for all of about a second.

 Nathan backs me into the barn until I’m up against the door of a truck parked in there. His hands are everywhere, mouths roaming, clothes being lifted, unbuttoned. I can barely keep up.

 Nathan pulls on the door handle. Locked. “Shit,” he utters breathless. His eyes scan the barn. “Wait a sec.”

 Untangling himself from me, leaving me wanting and breathless, he goes over to the tool bench and returns with a hammer. Shifting me aside, I watch wide eyed, as he smashes the driver’s window out, puts his arm in and unlocks the door.

 “What?” he asks innocently, desire still stoking his eyes.

 “Is this yours?”

 He shakes his head. “Craig’s.”

 “Are you crazy? He’s gonna go mad!”

 An almost smile. “I’m all kinds of crazy.” He drops the hammer to the floor with a clatter and moves closer. “But mostly, I’m just crazy about you.”

 Something in my stomach drops then coils lower.

 The little space there was left between us he eliminates and his mouth is on mine again. I wrap my arms around his neck.

 He reaches behind me and opens the door to the back seat. He lifts me in. I shuffle back as he climbs in, straddling me, he shuts the door with a clunk.

 And then it’s just us. Alone. In the back seat of a truck.