Monday, 21 May 2012

Original Sin - Chapter 1 (teaser)

Chapter 1

Six Months Later


“Hey.” His deep voice comes from behind me like a warm breeze in the cold darkness.

Coming up close, his fingers ever so lightly skim down my bare arms. He’s hardly touching me, but it feels electric, intense. He slides his hands into mine, entwining our fingers, and brings both our arms to wrap around my chest. Shivering with goose-bumps of absolute delight, I never want to let him go again.

Closing my eyes, I rest my head back against his shoulder and just breathe him in. I can smell him so clearly I can literally taste him on my tongue.

“I missed you,” I say.

The longing is so completely evident in my voice it’s almost palpable. I want him to know how hard it’s been without him. I’m never going to let him go again. Ever.

“I missed you too.” His voice comes in my ear, just a whisper; raspy, warm, doing inexplicable things to me. I’ve never felt as relieved and happy as I do now, here in his arms.

He brushes his lips over my neck. Heat burns under my skin. When I feel the hint of his tongue on me, I all but combust. Freeing a hand from mine, Nathan slides his hand down.

Inching up my vest with his fingers, he smoothes his palm across my stomach. I feel a shudder deep within. Then fingers moving downwards, he hooks a couple into the elastic of my knickers, tugging on them he turns me around to face him.

Looking up at him, I feel like I haven’t seen him in forever. He still looks as beautiful as I remember. His bright green eyes are smouldering down at me like there’s a fire burning behind them, lighting them to such extremities they’re almost glowing.

I run my hands up his firm chest, nails scratching over the fabric of his T-shirt. More than anything, I just need to feel him.

Nathan draws me closer to him by the fingers firmly hooked in the elastic of my knickers. He leans down and puts his mouth on mine.

I am melting into nothing.

His kiss is gentle, soft. He’s kissing me the exact same way he did the first time he kissed me in Dalby Forest and it’s making my legs so very weak, it’s taking all my strength just to keep vertical.

I wrap my arms around his neck. He runs his tongue between my lips, sucking my bottom lip into his mouth. Murmuring a warm delicious sound that vibrates through me, pulsing down … down. I can feel myself slipping further and further into him, and I love the feeling.

Beep ... beep ...

“Nathan?” Startled, breathless, I break our kiss.

“Time to go,” he whispers, releasing me, he steps back.

Panic seers through me, gripping me, covering all other feelings. “No, I’m not ready! You can’t go!” I reach for him, but he’s moved too far from my grasp and he’s slipping further and further away.

I want to run to him but my feet are fixed to the floor, like someone glued them there while I wasn’t looking.

I spin my head wildly, looking for something, anything to help me move. I can’t lose him. Not again. And then something catches my attention, coming from my right. A glow. Shimmering, sparkling, and it’s moving toward me.

      “Sol?” I gasp.

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