Thursday, 3 May 2012


AN APOLOGY ... to all you Nookers who have been patiently waiting for First Bitten … I know I said First Bitten would be available on Nook, April/May … but I’ve recently discovered that I’m tied into Amazon for longer than I realised. Sorry!! But by ways of apology to all you Nookers who have been waiting to get your copy, if you get in touch with me, either via this post or inbox me, I’ll send you a copy of First Bitten for Nook, for FREE!!

… and of course any reviews you could leave after reading on either Goodreads or Amazon would be massively appreciated! ;) Thanks! <3


  1. i would love to have a copy if First bitten, promise i will leave a review

  2. Brilliant, Luana! Let me know your email address and I will mail a copy over to you :) xx