Tuesday, 15 May 2012

First Bitten - new cover

Hey y’all, I have decided to change the cover for ‘First Bitten’. A couple of reasons … I loved my original cover, but the cover came from a stock photo which means other authors have access to also use this picture for their cover. This one in particular has proven popular among many authors because it is such a striking picture. The problem I was facing was book confusion over the cover, often getting questions from readers about it. With ‘Original Sin’ coming out for release soon, it seemed like a good time to change ‘First Bitten’s’ cover. -Poppet Author has worked her magic again and has created me this stunning cover, utilising the original picture, but also making it line with the ‘Original Sin’ cover.

My publisher very kindly upload the new cover to Amazon late last night, so it is now up, but I’ve attached it below for you all to see :)

I adore it! I hope you all do too! <3