Friday, 15 March 2013

An update...

On my last update, I said that I was aiming to have BLOOD LIES released in the summer and for TROUBLE to follow … but unfortunately it’s not going to plan L I’ve sat down many times to write BLOOD LIES, but Alex just doesn’t seem to want to tell her story at the moment. Frustrating, I know. But I’m not going to force the story out. If I do it’ll end up being sub-par and I don’t want to do that to you the readers or the characters. You guys deserve the best story I can write, so for now I’m putting BLOOD LIES on hold for a little while. I hope you’ll all understand this. I apologise profusely, but when the story’s not coming, it’s not coming. I’m telling you all this now as I want to be straight and upfront. And PLEASE know that I appreciate your patience and loyalty to the AJ series and me. I <3 you all!

On a good note, one of my characters is talking to me (I know I sound a little crazy when I say this!) Mia’s voice is loud and clear and she has a lot to say, so I’m steaming ahead with TROUBLE, which will mean that this will be released in this summer, if not a little earlier … but I’m not setting any dates yet!

So with that said, keep an eye out for TROUBLE teasers … and I have a little something coming for you all in the next few days ;)

WTS is still on schedule for August 20th, and after that I will begin writing Tom and Lyla’s story – I cannot freaking wait to get stuck into Tom!

Thanks for all your support!

Much love


  1. Sam, you can't force what's not ready to come out - however disappointing that is for everyone - yourself included!!

    As ever, we will read and enjoy your books when they are ready & released!!

  2. Ohh I'm so sad that you're putting blood lies on hold for a while..
    Do you think that you can still publish it this year?

    1. I know, I'm sad too, Kat :( I hope to still publish it this year. Let's hope Alex starts talking to me soon!