Thursday, 31 January 2013

I promised good news today, so here it is….

There’s going to be a THIRD Storm book!!! I know when I’ve been asked in the past if there’d be a third book, my response was always, ‘Tru and Jake will only have two books.’ That was always and still is true, because book 3 in the Storm series will be …. *drum roll* …… TOM'S book!! Yes, my pussy cat Tom is getting his very own book! And knowing Tom, it’s going to be a crazy, wild ride!


  1. FAN....TAS....TIC....! Keep writing, I love all your books. 3rd TMS book with Tom....nice surprise, I bet Lyla is a sweetheart, can't wait to meet her :)

    1. Lyla can definitely put Tom in his place, that's for sure! ;)