Thursday, 29 November 2012


I’ve been holding off on telling you all this is in the hope that I would be telling you on a better note … but that’s not possible at the moment, and as we’re getting closer to that December date I couldn’t hold off telling you any longer so here goes ………

Wethering The Storm won’t be released on the 21st December.

*ducks for cover*

I know I can hear you all shouting at me from here, WHY??! … There is a really, really good reason, I promise, just not one I can't share with you at the moment.

I don’t have a release date, but when I do, I promise I will let you know straight away.

I am sorry. Super massively sorry. This is just totally beyond my control, but there is a good reason.

I love you all very muchly, and I promise the next time I post WTS news, it will be good news.


  1. So Sad!! Maybe the good news is that The Mighty Storm will be published? You most definitely would deserve that!!

  2. You must be getting a publisher? Good for you, if true! Unfortunately, that really ups the price for us readers. It happens.....a lot more these days. Good luck to you and Happy Holidays.

  3. Hi Samantha,

    I have to say... I am so sad.... :( Of all the new releases set for December yours was the only one I noted on my calendar. If you have signed with a publishing house that's fantastic news because your books are worthy of that but please don't let them influence your writing style or change your plots. Put that in the contract!! AND....please get WTS published asap :)

  4. Hi Samantha,
    Awww, geez! Sorry to hear this but totally understand and will not scream, rant, or rave about it. Thanks for letting me know.